Fall Car Care Private Offer Announced

GM Goodwrench and GoGM has just launched their semi-annual Car Care promotion they affectionately call Goodwrench & Go. It is a great program, incentivized by GM, to encourage customers to come into dealerships to get oil changes and discounted services for $39.95 or less.

This time around, customers receiving the direct mail piece from GM are offered a $15 discount card that they can use at any GM dealership on a service of $100 or more. In addition, each customer who receives the mail piece will also get a voucher for $750 off on a new 2009 Chevy Vehicle (excluding ZR-1) or $500 off a new 2010 Chevy that can stack with all of our other rebates and incentives except the stand alone APR offers. It’s a nice little program and offer for the millions of people that receive the mailing (which should be hitting your mailboxes this week).  You can also transfer the offer to another family member or anyone in the household.

We are offering the program for all of our GM customers, but remember that the published pricing of $39.95 or less does not include Corvettes.  Our Synthetic oil change package is priced at $54.95.

The promotion runs from September 4th until November 2nd at participating dealers.

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2 Responses to Fall Car Care Private Offer Announced

  1. Cyber2010 says:

    Is there a way to get on this “list”? I sometimes get mailings from GM, but not sure if I’ll get this one.


  2. Wow!This is a great offer.It is a must that every car owner regularly check and maintain their vehicle for assurance.It will extend the vehicle’s life and improve performance.

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