GM’s May The Best Car Win Campaign

General Motors is finally stepping up to the plate with an innovative program to get conquest customers into the showroom.  If you haven’t yet heard, they are offering a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee through November 30th, 2009.

What this means is that if you take delivery of a new Chevy (say a Corvette for example), you keep it for 30 days and if you don’t like it, you have between 31 and 60 days to return it to the dealership you purchased it from.  Chevy (and us) are confident you’re going to love the new GM car you choose, and we’re standing behind them.

The are a few stipulations to the program, including any negative equity, accessories, service contracts or any other additions that might be to the vehicle’s purchase price must be paid for by the customer when they return the vehicle.  In other words, GM isn’t picking up your negative equity or your accessories.  Other than that, for the most part, you are free and clear to turn it in.  If you have a payment during the time you have the vehicle (which you will), you need to pay that.  You can’t be late in your contract.

If you’re interested in more information, you can always call or email us at CorvetteBlog.  If you want to see GM’s commercial about the promotion, view it after the jump.

May the Best Car Win.

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