2010 Corvette Grand Sport Is Hot!

Without a doubt, the Grand Sport is the preferred model for those purchasing a new Corvette for the 2010 model year!  So, what is it about the Grand Sport that draws the customers?

I think the answers to this question are easy.  They are Looks and Choices.

I say Looks, because for the first time, the Corvette buyer can get that beautiful wide body look, previously available only to the buyer of the Z06 or the ZR1.  You have just got to love those gills!

And, I say Choices because you can have these desirable looks in a Convertible, as well as in a Coupe!  In addition, you can have the 6-Speed Paddle-Shift Automatic Transmission or the 6-Speed Manual.  Yes, you have new choices in this year’s Corvette line!

Scott Burgess of the Detroit News was one of many auto writers to pick up on these qualities, and write about them.  Scott is spot on, as usual.


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