AutoWeek Sources Say Mid-Engined C7 is Dead

According to well-placed sources, a Corvette with a mid-engined layout was well into development in 2008, until the global financial meltdown cut off funding sources.  Then, General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson proclaimed in May that the Corvette was paying it’s own way, and that the C7 was alive.

Now, as AutoWeek Magazine‘s print version declared this week (11.16.09 issue), there may no longer be a C7 in development!  Say it ain’t so!  We love the 6th Generation, without a doubt, but we want – we need – a future, too!

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2 Responses to AutoWeek Sources Say Mid-Engined C7 is Dead

  1. Mont Smith says:

    I own a 67 327/350 roadster 4-speed and a 2006 coupe automatic. They’re 2 entirely different cars, but I love them both. I confess I’m not that excited about a mid-engine. I don’t race my Vettes. I’ve always been fascinated by Corvette design…I grew up in the 50s and 60s and built models of the 58 Vette, etc. I see some lines from my 67 embedded in the 06. I had hoped Chevrolet would honor Corvette design history by doing something special on the 50th anniversary in ’03, but they were locked into the “C” series thought process. It’s too bad they couldn’t re-think the coves, side exhausts, front grill, and rear deck to enrich the brand. Just my thoughts…I’m a little nostalgic about America’s Only Sports Car.

  2. Bill says:

    I have always said, if you want to see what the GM cars will look like next year, then look at what Ford and Dodge has this year.

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