Amphibious Vehicle with a Rear-Vette?

So when you combine the front-end of a truck and the rear-end of a Corvette, you get the fastest amphibious vehicle ever! Go figure.

The latest amphibious vehicle breaking world records is the Python. Though the vehicle only gets up to 100 mph on land, it can simply transform into boat-mode at the click of a button. Give her 4.5 seconds and she can get up to 60 mph in the water!

Built on a Dodge truck frame, the vehicle is built with rolling chassis that each contain lightweight stainless steel. The engines: a Dominator Jet for boat mode and any LS-series engine for car mode.

The interior is built much like a boat with bucket seats up front and seating that wraps around in the rear. Of course, the doors are built to secure that the water stays out.

Each Python is hand-built one at a time. To order, you must first join the waiting list and drop $5,000 for a deposit…. But that’s hardly damage when the chassis alone costs $170,000. The Python can reach up to $200,000 depending entirely on the choice of Corvette engine!

Check out the Python in action as it hits the waters of Lake Havasu in Arizona after the jump.

[ Jalopnik ]

[ Watercar ]

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