What Every Corvette Enthusiast Needs…

With the holidays now upon us, need a fun yet unique gift for your devoted Corvette spouse?

CarCrazyDesks.com is a good start.

  • They sell furniture.
  • They customize all orders.
  • They recycle using old products.
  • They cater to one niche market – Corvette enthusiasts!

The company is in business to recycle rear-ends of C5/C6 Corvettes and turn them into furniture! Their work not only includes customized Corvette desks, but also Corvette shelving, bars and barbeque grills!

So begin shopping for that perfect gift… check out CrazyCarDesks.com. But, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Their desks alone cost $2,300.

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2 Responses to What Every Corvette Enthusiast Needs…

  1. Cheryl Tripp says:

    I am interested in purchasing a 06 DSOM color computer desk. What is the cost and do you ship to Texas?

  2. Ron says:

    These are pretty neat Cheryl.

    You will have to contact CarCrazyDesks.com directly for more details.

    Enjoy your desk!

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