Corvette Criticism

Some people love the Corvette. Some people don’t.

Apparently, The Mechanic falls into the later category. He is described as a free-spoken blogger with a “for your own good” opinion on vehicles and the auto industry as a whole.

I won’t even try to describe his opinion of the Corvette, as my words won’t do justice to his pure outraged attitude. So I quote:

“Sure it performs incredibly well, but the Corvette as a relevant performance car has lots its way. Instead of being the everyman, all-American supercar it once was, the Vette has become too expensive, too extreme and too cheesy.”

“Chevy has blown it by allowing the Corvette’s price and performance to get out of hand. And it continues to wrap the Vette in a dated package that is driving America’s youth car enthusiasts elsewhere…”

“Come on GM, give us a Corvette we the people want today, not the Corvette you thought we wanted in 1989.”

To view the article in entirety, you can the link below. Do you agree with the criticism? Disagree?

[ Inside Line ]

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  1. Bill C. says:

    His nonsense has already drawn 150 comments, and some are a lot more intelligent than his puny views!

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