Vets Honored at ‘Vette Museum

The National Corvette Museum celebrated their second-annual tradition this year during the first weekend in November. Three days of festivities were planned in honor of our U.S. veterans.

Nearly 150 veterans were included in the long-weekend of events, which included drag racing, golf cart autocross, tours, scavenger hunts, poker runs, a formal banquet and more. A Bowling Green Veterans Day Parade topped the cake on Saturday.

No Corvette required upon admission, only $10.

[ Bowling Green Daily News ]

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  1. Bob Bernosky says:

    Why does GM restrict the full spoiler on a new Torch Red vette. Also why can’t I order heads up without heated seats? They are making it hard to get a new vette on these ordering restrictions. I was interested in the new GS. Thanks

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