Corvette Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees

Three new members were officially inducted this year into the 2010 Corvette Hall of Fame!

With twelve years of history and over 40 inductees who, in some way, have influenced Corvette’s success, the National Corvette Museum’s Hall of Fame is proud to now include:

GRADY DAVIS, former executive vice president of Gulf Oil Corp.

  • "Davis was the man and the muscle behind Gulf Oil’s sponsorship of Corvette Racing through the early 60s. He showed everyone that Corvette was a world-class racecar. He established the benchmark for Corvette Racing that we continue to emulate today."

– nominator John Walko

FRED GALLASCH, retired assistant brand manager of Corvette

  • "All of us have passion for our families. Many of us have passion for our employment. Most have passion for their hobbies. Fred’s passion for Corvette has been his hobby and his employment, and the many friends he has made through Corvette have become family."

- nominator Karl Hannum

JAMES INGLE, retired Corvette development engineer

  • "…one of the unsung heros of the Corvette. Since his first assignment in 1975 as the lead development engineer dedicated to the Corvette, Jim has demonstrated a mastery of the Corvette engineering, and a no fooling, let’s get it done attitude. I believe the Corvette evolved into the best sports car on the market in part due to the efforts of Jingles."

- nominator William R. Nichols

These three men’s names and photos will soon be showcased on the walls of the museum’s famous red spire room. Congratulations gentlemen!

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2 Responses to Corvette Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees

  1. Jeff Simpson says:

    If you order a set of LPO rims and tires do you get the original set that comes on the car

  2. Ryan says:

    Jeff, yes you are supposed to get the other set of rims as well, if you paid for them and they are on the invoice. Some dealers won’t tell you that, so please be advised. Thanks for your readership!

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