Fritz is out.

Fritz HendersonQueen said it best with, "Another one bites the dust."  Ed Whitacre comes out yesterday and explains to the media that Fritz Henderson (President & CEO) of General Motors is no more.  Mark Lenave recently and now Fritz.  After spending a day analyzing the various news reports and looking at the situation that he has been dealt, we’re rather surprised that other people are surprised.  With the Opel, Saturn and Saab deals not happening, it was inevitable that someone would have to be accountable for that. 

That said, Fritz did provide leadership during the most difficult time in GM’s history, and for that, we thank him.  He was always well respected within General Motors and certainly around the Detroit area, but now we move on.  Will Ed Whitacre be the guy to take hold of GM and personally turn the ship around?  We hope so.  He did remarkable things with the conglomerate that’s now AT&T, and we can only hope good things are ahead.

So while not completely related to Corvette, this industry needs really demanded a post.  For a video of Ed’s comments about Fritz’s departure, follow the jump.

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