Traffic Lights – A Problem on the Horizon?

Yes, it’s the new craze. LED lights.

More than 750 strings of LED white Christmas lights were used to adorn the White House Christmas tree this year. Why? To be more energy efficient.

It’s a great alternative, yes, when it comes to saving our environment and money. However, just because LED lights illuminate the President’s holiday tree, doesn’t mean we should replace all lighting.

Some states have begun using LED traffic lights. Smart move?

Well, unfortunately, with all this cold snowy weather, the LED lights don’t produce the amount of excess heat that would normally melt the snow. Thus, car accidents and even a death have blamed due to these new wondrous LED lights.

So, moral of story, consider all factors before switching to the new trendy LED lights. What do you think about these lights? Are they really worth all the hype?

[ Engadget ]

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  1. Squeege says:

    It sounds like there would be a great market for an LED light with sensors that could turn on warming circuts on the traffic lights. Damn, maybe I should have patented that idea before I posted it.

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