Build Your Own Engine?

Tom Read from GM’s Advanced Powertrain Technology Communications recently stated, "We are considering the program".

What’s this program that he speaks of? Well, it will allow Corvette ZR1 buyers to build their very own LS9 V8 638 horsepower engine!

So now, in addition to employing 38 skilled builders at the Wixom, Mich. Performance Build Center to personally oversee and construct 45 LS9 engines each week, GM may present this same opportunity to customers who purchase their own ZR1. I’m afraid watching your Corvette come off the production line has now been replaced with building your own engine.

Pretty cool, if you ask us.

What do you think of this opportunity if GM comes through with approving it? Would you want to take part? The first hurdle you’d have to face, of course, would be the purchase of your $100,000 baby.

Check out the video after the jump.

[ Jalopnik ]

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