Extra GM Card Earnings Available

From now until February 2, 2010, GM Cardmembers who receive a special direct mail piece will be eligible to earn special bonus offerings toward the purchase or lease of ONE new GM vehicle.

• Individuals that carry the GM Extended Family Card (as of October 31, 2009) will be given $750 in bonus earnings. These earnings can be combined with other GM incentives, such as the GM employee, supplier or dealership discount.

• GM Cardmember customers may be eligible to receive bonus earnings with GM’s January Topped-Off Earnings Retail Program. As of November, customers with base earnings between $10 – $1,500 will be topped off to $2,000, and those with earnings between $1,501 – $2,500 will be topped off to $3,000. Though one’s base earnings may fluctuate due to exchanges, purchases or merchandise returns, the bonus earnings will remain constant. This offer cannot be used with other GM incentives.

Both offers are nontransferable and may be utilized toward the purchase or lease of a new and unused 2009 or 2010 Corvette (not ZR1).

NOTE: Bonus offerings for BOTH promotions will not be valid unless the direct mail piece with the unique "Bonus Earnings Code" is redeemed upon purchase/lease.

For questions, information or to manage your earnings:

GM Extended Family

  • Visit www.gmextendedfamily.com or Call 1-800-419-6698

GM Cardmembers

  • Visit www.gmcard.com or www.gmflexcard.com or Call 1-800-947-1000
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