A Four-Door Corvette?

Some argue that if you increase the amount of doors on the Corvette from 2 to 4, you lose the Corvette’s sports ride identity. Let me try to help you understand the evolution of the four-door Corvette idea…

With the arrival of the four-door Caprice Police Patrol vehicle to North America in 2011, what will come next?

Well, GM’s Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has been busy with this very question. He has, however, had his eyes on Australia’s Holden Commodore. The perfect successor to the Caprice just may be the Commodore Police Cruiser. This is great for the police force, but what about the everyday driver?

Enter the potential idea of a four-door Corvette! Therefore, the four-door Corvette model stemmed from the Australian Holden Commodore.

What do you think about the potential for a four-door ‘Vette? Is GM wasting their time, or possibly onto something? Tell us your thoughts.

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5 Responses to A Four-Door Corvette?

  1. Gord Irish says:

    While I definitely support keeping the Pontiac G8 / Holden Commodore, a 4 door Corvette?? That’s silly. It has nothing in common with Corvette except the engine, sort of, which is the same for the Camaro. A 4 door Camaro might make more sense, or call it a Chevelle maybe.

  2. Joseph says:

    It’s a waste of time. A Corvette was built as a sports car and needs to stay that way. Unless they plan on dropping the price tag for a normal family, they need to stick with 2 doors.

  3. Persimmon Knob says:

    A four door Corvette?
    You’re joking right?
    Now that you’re government owned has the Obummer way of thinkng infected even America’s only true sportscar?

  4. f. Hawkins says:

    Corvette is a corvette… is a corvette nuf said. HAWK

  5. Victor Hernandez says:

    Please don’t destroy one of the last original traditional sports car in the world. If you cant afford to buy a 2dr vette, buy a Malibu….Don’t do it, that is crazy………..

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