It’s All About the Corvette

That’s right. This year’s 39th Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction is ALL about the Corvette!!

A grand total of 125 Corvettes will be offered from the auction block this year! The ‘Vettes will range in a wide variety of color and even model year, from the current 2010 ZR1 to a late 1954 classic. In fact, Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson, admits, “This is the best offering of Corvettes we’ve ever had at Barrett-Jackson.”

In addition to numerous top-tier Corvettes being auctioned off, this past Thursday included the 3rd annual Corvette Market magazine seminar. The seminar was a great success and included two segments: “Restoration vs. Preservation” and a guest panel’s picks to “Buy, Sell and Hold”.

If you’d like to find out more about this year’s Barrett-Jackson, visit or call (480) 421-6694. Or just tune in to watch it live from the SPEED Channel.

[ Barrett Jackson ]

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