Who’s to Blame… Economy or Consumer Interest?

Plain and simple:  last year’s Corvette sales were the worst since 1961.

Yes, this extensive drop may very well be attributed to the current state of the economy (and automotive industry) at large. But, is this decline completely reminiscent of the economy?

After much research, Edmunds’ AutoObserver.com thinks it’s a combination of two things: down economy AND loss of consumer interest in sports cars.

In 2008, the Corvette was one of the best selling sports cars around, consuming more than 6% of the sports car market share.

Just last year, the Corvette declined 43.8% in sales! Yes, the economy didn’t help, but should we also place blame on the close competitor – Chevy Camaro? Not according to Edmunds.com Senior Analyst Jessica Caldwell, who states, “Over 60,000 Camaros were sold last year, and many of the buyers are unlikely to have chosen another sports car in its place had it not been on the market.”

So, maybe this legendary American sports cars’ sales decline can be attributed to a loss in consumer “flair” after all?  What do you think?

[ Business Wire ]

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3 Responses to Who’s to Blame… Economy or Consumer Interest?

  1. Hal says:

    That is bullshit (in my opinion).
    I bought a 2009 vert and would love to buy a 2010. The problem is I am out of money.

  2. davy says:

    Too damn bad the inimitable Vette has to be made by those doddering execs at GM. I like the car. I loathe the service gotten from any number of dealerships. I won’t buy a new one anytime soon. As an ASE tech, I’ll work on my own. Screw GM and their bailout money.

  3. BobBernosky says:

    They have lost the connection with the car and the owner by making the ordering process like the Japanese. You only get a 1LT,2LT, or a 3 LT. No subsitutes and a larger MSRP to get a feature you want.E.G You want Heads Up but you have to get a Power Top. I guess its OK if your older and cannot put the top up or down without help!!! On my previous vettes I was able to order what I wanted!!!Love to get a new one but will not at this point.

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