2010 Corvettes at Carlisle

The biggest Corvette extravaganza is nearly 200 days away! So, mark your calendars now!

Date: Aug. 27 – Aug. 29, 2010
Location: Carlisle PA Fairgrounds
Gate Times: Thurs.-Sat. 7am-6pm & Sun. 7am-3pm

If you consider yourself a Corvette enthusiast, it’d be in your best interest to pack your bags for this long-weekend summer vacation to Pennsylvania. You’ll never witness anything like it!

Corvettes at Carlisle will unite again this year to form an aerial image of the American Flag, a tradition since 2008. However, this year the flag will be even bigger, comprised of 158 Corvettes – 57 red, 51 white, 35 blue and 15 silver.

Homes for Our Troops, a national, non-profit organization committed to helping our disabled and injured soldiers, will receive half of the event registration fee from those 158 individuals who take part in the flag creation.

If you have a red, white, blue or silver Corvette and you want to be apart of the flag creation, visit CarlisleEvents.com to submit your information.

To simply pre-register to attend Corvettes at Carlisle, call (717) 243.7855 or visit Store.CarlisleEvents.com and save $10!

[ CarlisleEvents.com ]

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