The Ultimate Prize: 36 Vintage Corvettes

Imagine a complete set of 36 Chevrolet Corvettes ranging from 1953 until 1989… all neglected in a dark, dingy apartment basement covered in inches of dust and damaged with flat tires and sagging convertible tops.

Well, for years that’s just where Pop Art icon, Peter Max, chose to store his collection of vehicles for an on-hold art project. Max originally purchased the collection of vehicles from Mr. Amodeo, who had won them as a prize from a 1989 VH1-sponsored contest!

Yes, at that time, VH1 was heavily competing with sister network, MTV. In an attempt to attract an older audience, freelance television producer for VH1, Jim Cahill, pulled together this promotion which “had to be big, but the theme of it had to resonate with baby boomers.”

Cahill brainstormed the perfect baby boomer prize – Corvettes! After gaining the approval from top execs, Cahill purchased the 36 vehicles in 1988. “I got to shop for all the Corvettes that I’d always wanted,” he said. “We actually assembled them pretty quickly.”

Fortunately for VH1, the promotion was a huge success, creating nationwide buzz and enticing 1.3 million callers to enter the contest by calling into a call-in number.

As for now, the collection of Corvettes has been relocated to a building in Upper Manhattan – just waiting for their next move or art debut…

[ The New York Times ]

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