Woman Dies While on Corvette Test Drive

Here’s another horrible reminder of how losing control of a Corvette at high speeds can be deadly.


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  1. Errol M. Dickson says:

    I felt frightened and left immeadiately. This occurred last month at a dealership in Broward County, Florida in regards to a 2007 Corvette with six speed manual transmission. The salesman ran it up in the lower 3 gears, I estimate 80-90mph along the perimeter road of the dealership lot. I was very impressed with the fury and speed of the Corvette but I was not impressed with the carelessness of the salesman(racing a cold engine….first start-up of the day) and his risk taking(with a prospective buyer on-board). Dear Corvette sellers: all that you will accomplish is to scare away the buyer if on their test drive, you drive your Corvette ….like a raven maniac!

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