Announces Best Overall Values Of the Year

Each year, analyzes nearly 1,800 models to find the leading automotive ownership cost and value in cars, trucks and SUVs. Their award, “Best Overall Value of the Year”, identifies for buyers the best-in-class vehicle that emphasizes the most value for your money over a five-year period of ownership. All factors are taken into consideration, including retained value, fuel, maintenance and repair, insurance, licensing and fees, etc.

Out of 31 vehicle classes and nine category winners, the Chevrolet Corvette was recognized as the BEST CAR VALUE OVER $24,000!  Another honor for Corvette, but certainly nothing new as Corvette continues its multi-year winning streak.

“One of the biggest things emphasizes is that choosing a car wisely is not just about the lowest sticker price or even the lowest ownership costs,” said Charlie Vogelheim, executive editor of “The [award] recognizes cars and trucks whose total cost of ownership is significantly lower than expected compared to its peers.”

No need to keep looking for that perfect sports car, Corvette proves yet again to be a wonderful vehicle for a great value!

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