GM Focuses Globally for New C7 Corvette Design

In today’s global economy, companies have become accustomed with looking outside borders for guidance and/or alternate solutions.

General Motors is doing just that when it comes to designing the next-generation C7 Corvette. The automaker’s design studios from across the world, including Europe and China, have submitted more than 10 potential designs for the new C7 – set to debut in late 2012.

This is the first time that GM has seriously sought after input from designers outside the U.S. Why now?

The hope is to design the C7 so that it will attract more to European tastes and younger U.S. buyers.

"We have challenges in the States with the Corvette," said Ed Welburn, GM’s vice president of global design. "The average age of the customer is really rising." (J.D. Power and Associates reports the current average age of a Corvette buyer is 54.)

The C7’s new design will incorporate smaller and more aggressive proportions as well as a split rear window along with other vintage styling cues.

Stay tuned here to find out more about the new C7 design.

[ Motor Authority ]

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2 Responses to GM Focuses Globally for New C7 Corvette Design

  1. Greg Schult says:

    We can’t wait for the new C7 Corvette to come out and finally see what GM has been up to!!!

  2. SMW says:

    Oh yes, have an American sports car be made by Europeans and Chinese. Might as well have the Corvette be mid-engined with front wheel-drive with the V8 be replaced by a I2 and totally made out of materials that can make the car go from 3 feet long to 3 centimeters in a crash. Yeap, China and Europe are gonna help GM ruin the Vette.

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