GM’s Revolutionary Windshield

To revolutionize the way we drive, General Motors has recently introduced the Enhanced Vision System, taking windshield vision to a whole new level.

With safety in mind always, this system’s ultraviolet lasers will paint road lines on the windshield when it’s difficult to see the road due to fog, rain or snow. The system offers enhanced night vision and will even read road-side signs to help with navigation.

How does this work? The use of several front-facing sensors and in-vehicle cameras track the driver’s head and eyes, placing the augmented reality layer on the windshield.

"What’s novel here is it’s the entire windshield — no little headbox I have to have my head in. Here, you can see the image from any position," said GM researcher Thomas Seder.

GM, however, has not announced if/when this system will actually become available in its vehicles.  Stay tuned, any improvement and upgrade to the current Corvette heads up display is welcome.

See a video about the system after the jump.

[ CrunchGear ]

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