GeigerCars Grand Sport

GeigerCars, a German vehicle modifying company, recently released one of their extreme upgrade projects – the Corvette Grand Sport.

With a six-speed transmission (5th and 6th gears modified), this vehicle just purrs.

A 2.3 liter supercharge has been added to the vehicle’s already fast LS3 6.2 liter V8 engine, allowing the vehicle to produce up to 596-horsepower and 544-lb-ft of torque.

Give this car 4 seconds and it can reach speeds of 62 mph, then later hit a top speed of 209 mph!

Wider front and rear fenders give this vehicle additional vents so the larger brakes (355 mm, six-cylinder discs at the front axle and 340 mm, four-cylinder discs at the rear) may cool more efficiently. The light alloy 18- and 19-inch wheels are wrapped in 275/35 (front) & 325/30 (rear) tires.

Even the vehicle’s unique graphics play a role in this sophisticated hot ride. Ohh la la!

What do you think of this baby’s upgrade?

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