Another Month of Corvette Sales Declines in March

Though sales continue, there are still countless numbers of Corvettes that remain on dealership lots untouched.

We saw an increase in sales just over the past two months with 331 more ‘Vettes delivered in March than February. This increase in sales is good, however, when compared to 2009 sales – we see a dramatic reduction altogether.

Clearly, demand has diminished. Earlier this week, there are 3,590 Corvettes available on dealership lots. Of this total, 374 of them are the “exclusive” ZR1’s.

With such an excessive inventory, how can the Corvette brand remain an elite sports car? GM will clearly have to cut back production at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

Month 2010 2009 % Change
January 854 842 + 1.4%
February 624 1,027 - 39.2%
March 955 1,183 - 19.3%
April   1,407  

Stay tuned to find out if GM alters production on our beloved American automobile.

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