It’s Official. Kentucky’s State Car = CORVETTE

Earlier this month, we informed you that Kentucky’s Republican State Rep. Embry Jr. had no luck with passing a bill that would name Corvette the official state car of Kentucky.

However, after plenty of media attention, the bill was recently passed on April 15!

The Senate voted 100-to-zero in favor of naming Bowling Green‘s "Chevy Corvette" Kentucky’s "official sports car."

“It sends a message to General Motors that we certainly appreciate them being in Bowling Green and in Kentucky,” said Rep. Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green.

Now, legislation only needs Gov. Steve Beshear’s signature for it to be official.

With Kentucky housing the nation’s only Corvette Assembly Plant, which brings 50,000 visitors and the National Corvette Museum, which attracts 150,000 annually, this is a well-deserved honor for the state!

[ WBKO ]


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