National Corvette Museum is Expanding… Across Highway I-65

For quite some time now, the National Corvette Museum has been planning to build a $35 million Motorsports Park, which will include two road courses, a 1/4 mile drag strip, a kart track and a ten-acre autocross course.

Because land space is limited next to the museum, this complex will be built on the opposite side of highway I-65. A series of tunnels and bridges will connect the complex with the museum.

And when completed, the track will be FIA and SCCA compliant, allowing for exciting racing competitions to take place at this new site in Bowling Green, KY.

“With the introduction of a Motorsports Park, Corvette owners will have a safe environment, be able to experience the magic that is Corvette, and not have to worry about their speed being rewarded by the local police," 
says Johnny O’Connell, American LeMans champion
 Corvette racing driver.

Now, just when will this project begin?

Well, before breaking ground on this $35 million park, a majority of the funding has to first be collected by the non-profit museum. Uh oh.

Stay tuned for more NCM park updates.


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