Chat with the UAW Local 2164… Afterall, they’re the ones that built your Corvette!

UAW Local 2164The UAW Local 2164 members are the ones who likely constructed your very own Corvette – so why not tell them the good, bad and phenomenal!

The group, based at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, recently launched a Corvette Customer Feedback blog.

Why? Well, Patrick Klein, vice-president of UAW Local 2164, sensed a disconnect when delivering customer feedback messages. The blog now allows those comments to be shared directly with the UAW workers who actually WANT to hear what you have to say!

This blog will go down in history as the very first UAW outreach in soliciting direct feedback from customers.

As for now, the blog only allows customers to read and comment on current posts. To send direct unrelated feedback, the group asks you to send an e-mail to one of the contacts listed on the blog’s homepage. The feedback blog is still under “construction”.

To check out the blog, visit


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