Green X Challenge improves the C6.R too!

Now after watching episode four of Corvette Racing, you understand the basics of the Michelin Green X Challenge.

But what you didn’t know is that this challenge is ALSO being incorporated into improving the Corvette C6.R.

Though the C6.R already runs on cellulosic E85, manufacturers also wanted to enhance the vehicle’s fuel consumption rate. Years ago the C5.R went through a tankful of gas in 10 laps – today try 15 laps! This means more time on the track and less time refueling in the pits.

Achieving this fuel tank reduction meant incorporating much of the same ‘green’ elements the Corvette Racing team utilizes — from five to just 1.8 horsepower air conditioning units and from traditional steel to ceramic wheel bearings.

The next step for the C6.R is… zero viscosity engine oil to help reduce engine friction. Stay tuned to see if this step comes to fruition.

Video after the jump.

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