Corvette Production Statistics for 2010

Yes, the last of the 2010 Corvettes has been produced. Interested to find out just how well Corvette sales fared this year? Read on.

In just reviewing total Corvettes produced, there has been a significant reduction in production levels.

2010 total Corvettes produced:    12,194

2009 total Corvettes produced:    16,956

2008 total Corvettes produced:    35,310

Though this reduction in numbers doesn’t appear good, GM has maintained just producing the amount needed to fulfill customer demand. Plus, it was great to have the return of the Grand Sport this year!

Now, which of the Corvette models did the best? Clearly the Grand Sport Coupe.

Corvette Coupe:                3,054 units

Corvette Convertibles:       1,003 units

Grand Sport Coupe:        3,707 units

Grand Sport Convertibles: 2,335 units

Z06:                                 518 units

ZR1:                                 1,577 units

And as for color preferences, the most popular colors were Black (24%) as well as the two reds: Torch Red (18.4%) and Crystal Red (14.1%).

All interesting facts. We’ll just have to see how Corvette sales go for 2011.

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