Replicated 2012 Stingray Concept Corvette Auctioned off on eBay

With only 8 eBay bids, this baby just recently sold for $40,100. Reserves, however, have not been met yet.

Originally transformed from a 2008 Hertz rent-a-car Corvette ZHZ, this yellow 2012 Stingray Concept Corvette is now officially unavailable to bidders on eBay.

Z and M customs in Boise, Idaho replicated this ride to appear like Sideswipe from the movie, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. The concept vehicle comes with all custom panels (obvious), LED lighting system and custom exhaust, air in-take system. The six-speed automatic shifting and LS3 V8 engine allows her to purr up to 430 horsepower.

So, my friends, now we want to hear from you. Honestly, would you have paid $40,100 for this vehicle... Yes? No? Blog with us here.

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3 Responses to Replicated 2012 Stingray Concept Corvette Auctioned off on eBay

  1. Corn-vette says:

    $40K? Meh. I like the styling, but this might be real tough if it came time to resell in a few years. I feel like you’re in a niche with a very few other people who would be willing to buy it, and that could be trouble.

    If only you could plunk down the 40k as a deposit on a Mantide.

  2. EagleDave says:

    I saw the car in person at 2010 MotorFest in Boise. This thing is AWSOME.
    The pictures dont do the car justice.
    Two huge thumbs up.
    Way better than any stock vette I have seen around town.

  3. Mark Marlow says:

    this car is really cool great body style if you cant get laid in this car you should’nt have a pecker

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