Corvette Production to Start in Lansing?

GM recently announced a $190 million dollar “project” that may bring 600 jobs to one of its current cities. Corvette production from Kentucky to Lansing? Possibly.

Lansing’s UAW President, Mike Green, recently sat down with Lansing’s local television station (WLNS channel 6) to discuss the potential impact this concept could bring to Lansing.

Green figures that “anything’s possible.” The Grand River plant, which currently produces Cadillacs, is a state-of-the-art facility where a new production line could become easily adapted.

And, even better, the Corvette and Cadillac share the same rear wheel drive, a feature ONLY produced in Lansing and Bowling Green.

"It's fairly expensive to keep a plant alive just for one car or one platform,” says economist Jim Luke.

Any new employment opportunity that comes to Lansing (or Michigan, for that matter) will certainly help to improve the state’s economy. But, don’t get your hopes up yet! The “project” has yet to be specified by GM in the coming months.

Stay tuned to learn more.

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