Episode 5 of 12: Corvette Racing Series

Corvette Racing’s 50th anniversary in competing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

To date, Corvette has held an iconic presence at this globally recognized endurance race – also considered the “holy grail of races.” Vehicles must be chosen in order to race, which is certainly a privilege.

Though the Audi dominated first, second and third place on leader board, the Corvette Racing team truly endured all they had to bear during the GT2 title race. Unfortunately for the team, #64 Corvette C6.R had to retire early.

In celebration of this historical milestone, this brief video highlights everything to do with Corvette Racing past, present and future. Hear what competing in this race has meant to many… from famous drivers in the 1960s to the current team leaders that make up Corvette Racing.

Check out the video after the jump.

[ MotorAuthority.com ]

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  1. davy says:

    Yeah, yeah. Blather on boys how just being there is so significant. But both cars crapped out. So it’s kinda like kissing your sister, isn’t it?

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