Episode 7 of 12: Corvette Racing Series

Millions of fans congregate each and every year to witness the historical 24 Hours of Le Mans. And truly without the fans, this event wouldn’t be as infamous as it is today.

The Corvette Racing Team truly thrives on the fans’ energy! To show the team’s appreciation, the drivers and support crew participate in every experience of the event. Not only do they partake in the race, but also in the celebrations, classic car Le Mans parade, and autograph sessions on the eve of race day. And because the fans bring out horns to celebrate, so does the Corvette Team with their thundering train horn.

Then after all the festivities, it gets serious and the Corvette Racing Team diverts their total attention to “race mode.” After all, it’s all about rewarding the fans with a good, clean race!

Watch this short video series after the jump.

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    Getting even better !!! Congratulations.

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