Chevy UK to Sell Corvettes & Camaros

Next May, Chevrolet will begin selling Corvettes and Camaros throughout dealerships within the UK.

Chevy UK is working to get the entire line-up of Corvettes into their dealerships. Supplies for the Corvettes dried up in 2009 forcing the importer to close its doors.

Chevy UK aims to offer Camaro buyers with the SS model of the coupe and convertible next year. It’s been nearly 34 years since this model was last sold in Britain.

"These cars won’t be volume sellers, they’ll be brand builders," Chevrolet UK MD Mark Terry told Autocar. "Camaro and Corvette are both icons and can act as a hook to other cars in our line-up."
The new pricing of these vehicles is expected to be similar to the pricing from years past, with additional cars like the Grand Sport and ZR1 factored into the mix.

Do you think Chevy will succeed in offering UK the Corvette and Camaro? Blog with us here.

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