Legendary Corvettes

Some might say that all Corvettes are great.  I would not agree.  We have all seen a Corvette on occasion that has not been loved as it should have been.

On the other hand, I have seen some Corvettes that are so outstanding in their design, and that have been so well cared for, they are a cut or two (or three) above the rest.  You know you’ve seen them, too! They appear at such outstanding Corvette events at Bloomington Gold and Mid-America’s Corvette Funfest.

Now comes Motorbooks, publishing this month, for the first time ever, a beautiful coffee table-sized book, appropriately titled, Legendary Corvettes.  This is the book about the best of the best.  The Corvettes featured here were carefully selected from a list of memorable and influential Corvettes from the last almost sixty years.

You will want to secure a copy of this beautiful book to read, to enjoy, and to share.


These are the eighteen Corvettes, beautifully and artfully pictured and described:

  • The original 1953 Corvette
  • The 1956 SR Sebring Racer
  • The 1957 XP-64 Super Sport
  • The 1959 CERV I
  • The 1960 Cunningham No. 3
  • The 1960 Tasco Turquoise Convertible (Route 66 TV Show)
  • The 1961 BM / SP
  • The 1963 Sting Ray Z06
  • The 1963 Lightweight Grand Sport Coupe
  • The 1964 CERV II
  • The 1966 L88 Coupe
  • The 1973 "Corvette Summer" Movie Car
  • The 1976 Greenwood "Spirit of LeMans"
  • The 1978 Indianapolis Pace Car
  • The Last (1981) St. Louis Corvette
  • The 1988 Callaway "Sledgehammer"
  • The 2001 C5-R LeMans Class Winner
  • The Blue Devil 2009 ZR1

You can purchase your own copy of Legendary Corvettes wherever great books are sold.  It can also be found at www.Amazon.com and www.QBookshop.com.  Special thanks to Motorbooks for the opportunity to review this outstanding volume, authored by Randy Leffingwell and marvelously photographed by Dave Wendt.

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