Episode 8 of 12: Corvette Racing Series

The Corvette Racing season never truly ends.

Year-round, the racing team works closely with the production engineering team to make the changes appropriate to the racing Corvettes. The engineers begin modeling and producing components for the new car during the fall months. The winter allows for the actual building and fitting of components to the vehicle. Then, before you know it, the race season starts. It comes quick, forcing the team to adapt quickly. The engineers too must coordinate continually with the team to replace and repair parts after crashes throughout the season.

The flow of engineering developments that are made in the Corvette Racing program are eventually assimilated into the production of everyday Corvettes. Software tools that help advance aerodynamic development, tire modeling, engine performance and structural analysis are used on a daily basis.

The team refers to this on-going development as cascade engineering, or advancing the production car after races to make it an even better ride.

“We are applying that across all of GM’s racing programs. So, what we’re learning in Corvette Racing is being used in NASCAR and the Grand AM,” says Mark Kent, director of GM Racing.

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