Corvette in a Barn

Ever find a Corvette in a barn?  Many Corvette enthusiasts dream of finding a missing Corvette hidden away in some remote garage or barn.  Perhaps well maintained, but forgotten.  Miraculously preserved because the humidity level was perfect.  Maybe #001 is still out there!

My first barn-find was not a Corvette, but a Model A Ford in Palisades Park, New Jersey.  Wish I had grabbed it for that $300, but that was a serious amount of cash for a high school student in the sixties.  I guess I’m still hoping to find the perfect car at the perfect price.

In response to barn-find-itis in so many of us, and recognizing that many of us are Corvette buffs, Tom Cotter has written, and Motorbooks has published, a new book: The Corvette in the Barn.  If this theme interests you, you must get this book!

My favorite account is titled "The Hog Farmer’s Fuel Injected Mouse Den" in chapter six.  I have seen this car myself at Bloomington Gold (and blogged about it shortly thereafter).  It is Bill Connell’s car (that is, it belongs to the other Bill Connell).

Other chapters included among the other thirty eight stories are these specifically about Corvettes:

The Corvette Sleuth
The Father & Son Hunting Team
Coming to Grips with a Slippery Question
Bad Luck Blues

You can purchase your own copy of The Corvette in the Barn wherever great books are sold.  It can also be found at and  Special thanks to Motorbooks for the opportunity to review this outstanding volume, authored by Tom Cotter.  The foreward is written by Corvette Market publisher Keith Martin.

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  2. jerry mazur says:

    Found my 54000 mile 1978 silver anniversay in a garage next door. Last inspection was 1983; started right up.

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