Todd Schnitt is First Up to Build Very Own Corvette Engine

Todd Schnitt, Florida-based radio talk show host, was the #1 customer to complete Corvette’s Engine Build Experience. This new ultimate package gives Corvette buyers the option to build their very own Corvette engine!

The program allows customers to take part in building the vehicle’s 638-horsepower, supercharged small-block LS9 engine. The cost: $5,800 (excluding travel to Detroit. But, Schnitt was not even hesitant about the purchase.

"To build my own engine is over the top," said Schnitt. "When my dealer told me about the option, it was like ‘Of course, I’ll do it, sign me up!’. I can’t wait to get there and build my own LS9. It will be the ultimate personalization for my car. I’m anticipating it being one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life."

Schnitt is a Corvette enthusiast indeed, with this Corvette marking it his third ZR1 purchase in addition to his 2007 Z06 back home.  Would you be willing to purchase the “build your own Corvette engine” option for over $5K? Why or why not?

[ USA Today ]


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