EPA Revising Vehicle Sticker to include Energy Consumption Metric

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the midst of working to revise the vehicle stickers found on new and used cars. The EPA wants the stickers to include letter-graded metrics that reflect the vehicle’s electric and hybrid capabilities.

The range will include A+ (for plug-in electic) to D (for Veyrons and R8s).

In all honesty, MPG is the only true metrics found on vehicle stickers nowadays, and even those numbers are quickly losing relevancy with customers. Buyers seem more concerned now with energy consumption and environmental impact, instead of liquid volume consumption.

Automakers see it a different way. They assume the letter grades are no big surprise to many. Each grade will simply represent a class of vehicles, with poor letter grades going to the SUVs and luxury vehicles. However, the EPA wants to do this in order to display “true information and comparisons that embarrass inefficient cars.”

Would this new letter-grading metric affect your vehicle purchasing decision for a Corvette?

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2 Responses to EPA Revising Vehicle Sticker to include Energy Consumption Metric

  1. Scott says:

    Yet another assinine waste of taxes by the EPA. And as usual – it has NOTHING to do with science or the environment. Just Big Gov Socialists trying to expand control thru the DC bu-reau-crazy that’s so responsible for messing up America already.

    And you ask would this effect anyone’s buying choices?

    Well, normally people buy things based on price, their needs, and on how much they desire them. So I can’t imagine anyone caring what gov-extremists think.

  2. Mark Hopkins says:

    I will be purchasing a Vette regardless of the letter grade from the EPA.

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