Chevrolet’s New Online Feature: “Track your Order”

So when you make a big purchase (aka New Corvette), don’t you want to know the status of that purchase without having to continually ask the dealership what’s going on?  Now you can.

As of September 15, Chevrolet went live with a new online experience for its customers. The website now allows buyers the option to track their order by accessing a tracking tool from the Owners Drop Down section.

Not only does this tool allow customers to view the status of their order, but it also gives access to visual 360 images of the vehicle, accessory/option descriptions, cross links to GM accessories zone and access to ChevyMall.

One of five status features will describe the customer’s stage of their order:

  • Order Placed
  • Vehicle Being Produced
  • Production Complete
  • Shipping/En Route
  • Vehicle is At Your Chevrolet Dealership

Say you have additional questions… The site also gives the dealership’s contact information and links to that specific dealer website. It is about time for Chevy to give this information out in a digital way.

Chevrolet hopes this tracking online tool will be beneficial to its customers, creating a higher sense of awareness and trust in relationship building. We think it’s a wonderful idea… don’t you?

To access the site, click


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