Weekend Corvette Repairs

Many, if not most, Corvette owners love to work on their cars.  Would it not be a good thing for an experienced master mechanic, who himself owns many Corvettes, and has done everything to them, to show the way for others to do repairs on their beloved Corvettes, too?

If you own a 1953 to 1982 Corvette, you will be interested to know that Motorbooks.com has just released Weekend Projects.  Author Tom Benford has included fifty two projects, one for each weekend of the year.

What is really nice is that each repair is priced, the author suggests how much time will be required, and how grades how serious a repair it is.  Also greatly appreciated is that the source of the repair parts is shown, as well!

The pictorial illustrations will be exceedingly helpful, whether you are an expert or a novice.


A small sampling of the fifty-two chapters:

Thermostat and Housing Replacement

Vintage A/C Installation

Engine Appearance Freshening

Shark Heater – A/C Control Rebuild

Radio Noise Suppressor installation

Half Shaft U-Joint Replacement

The Suggested Retail Price is just $29.99 U.S. ($32.99 CAN).  This helpful resource is available in most major bookstores, at Amazon.com, and directly from the publisher at QBookshop.com.

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