ZR1 Sunscreen Developed

Carbon fiber is 70% lighter than steel, allowing for an overall better fuel economy and a more enjoyable riding and handling driving experience. Who wouldn’t want it on their car, right?

Well until recently, carbon fiber on Corvettes (or any vehicle for that matter) was known to breakdown in the presence of sunlight.

Mark Voss, ZR1’s senior design engineer, and his after-hours team took on this as a challenge to develop something that would protect the carbon fiber exterior. Conducting research and multiple testing on their own time, this team recently developed an industry-first technology breakthrough: “sunscreen” for the Corvette ZR1.

This “sunscreen” is really a protective clear coat that blocks the sun’s UV frequencies that are known to degrade the carbon fiber. When sprayed, this protective coat will not only last the vehicle’s lifetime, but will also shield from any paint chips and/or scratches.

"Our challenge was finding a way to give our customers exposed-weave carbon fiber with the durability they have come to expect from a Corvette," Voss said. "Other automakers have opted for fake attempts at a carbon-fiber look. With the Corvette ZR1, we wanted to give customers the real deal."

Check out the video after the jump.

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