Seriously Fast Corvettes Come to Michigan

"Seriously Fast" Corvettes are now arriving at George Matick Chevrolet in Redford, Michigan!  Matick has advertised itself as "Detroit’s Corvette Leader" for many years, but now a new – and important – chapter in that leadership has begun.

America’s premier Corvette performance specialists, Callaway Corvettes, has just announced their newest franchise assignment: George Matick Chevrolet.  Michigan availability of Callaway Corvette Grand Sports and Z06s provides a great resource for enthusiasts in the Midwest, who desire "class-rivaling supercars at a fraction of the cost of their European counterparts."

Just past the jump, view a photograph of Callaway Corvettes about to be shipped to Matick, just before the recent snowstorm. 

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  1. Flyncya says:

    Congrats on getting the association with the Callaway Group. Now that Cauley is out of the picture, it’s good to see another local dealer get the deal.

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