2010 Corvette Sales – A Summary

Corvette sales for the 2010 calendar year were down -9.4% when compared to the previous year. That means 12,624 Corvettes were sold in 2010 versus the 13,934 sold in 2009.

When assessing the past Corvette delivery statistics, it’s interesting to note the following facts.

Highest number of Corvettes sold:

2010 – May (1,428)
2009 – May (1,643)
2008 – August (4,242)

Least number of Corvettes sold:

2010 – February (624)
2009 – January (842)
2008 – November (1,093)

Yes, with the aging of the current C6 and the economy just recovering, we still have an opportunity to grow. With that, Chevrolet is working hard to incentivize customers nationwide with the purchase of a Corvette.  Now is the time to be in the market for sure.  Call us and let us give you information on a lease or purchase, nationwide:  888-875-0728.

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