2011 Callaway Camaro For Sale in Michigan

Kissing cousin to the Callaway Corvette is the Callaway Camaro.  And while there are certainly differences between Callaway Corvette enthusiasts and Callaway Camaro enthusiasts, both vehicles are strong and important members of the Chevrolet family, and both have a dedicated following.

All of this to say that George Matick Chevrolet, well known as a volume provider of Corvettes, has just now received two beautiful Callaway Camaro‘s from Callaway Cars, and these cars are looking sweet!  For example, this one, pictured at the right, is a stunner!

Details and more photos follow below.

We started with a stock 2011 Camaro 2SS Coupe in Summit White, and added the RS Package.  Then, Callaway added their amazing SC572 Package, ChromeCoat Supercharger Housing, Short-Throw Shifter Package, Nine Spoke HyperSilver Alloy Wheels, and the PowerWindow Hood.

The end result is a Powerfully Engineered automobile.  This supercharged engine, together with its intercooler, increased flow fuel injectors, and low restriction exhaust, provide 572 horsepower and 541 lb-ft of torque!  Truly, much power for a Camaro!

If you are in the area, please stop by to see this beautiful vehicle in our 100 car indoor showroom, largest in Michigan!  Questions?  Call the CorvetteBlog hotline at 1-888-875-0728.


























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2 Responses to 2011 Callaway Camaro For Sale in Michigan

  1. davy says:

    Didn’t I hear Jay Leno say that the 2010 Camaro weighs in at a svelte 4000 pounds?

    How much more weight does this kit add?

  2. Callaway Car Camaro made an impressive powerful engineered automobile which has a supercharged engine.

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