Lowest Prices Ever on Corvette ZR1

Prices have never been lower for the Corvette ZR1, now that Chevrolet has announced generous Dealer Cash incentives.  Now through February 28, $3000 from the factory is a nice chunk of change to help move remaining 2011 ZR1s out of dealer showrooms.  The 2010 gets $4000, if you can find one.

For example, our beautiful Black 2011 Corvette ZR1 has a Suggested Retail Price of $124,050, but with the Dealer Cash in place, we can sell this car for just $113,958 (plus taxes & applicable fees)!  If you also qualify for the GM Employee Discount, we can actually sell this vehicle for just $111,458, a savings of over $12,500!  Chrome Aluminum Wheels and the 3ZR Premium Package are all included.

Now is the time: give us a call at 888-875-0728.

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