Ron Fellows Corvette Driving School

Corvettes are virtually omnipresent at the Ron Fellows Driving School, west of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Driving School itself owns many, but many of the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch members, or those who come for company business, drive Vettes, too!

While we at this venue last week for the Callaway (CorvetteCamaroSports Truck) Dealer Summit, Corvettes were extremely common, and delightfully available for driving!  Callaway Corvette SC606 Coupes and conventional Grand Sport Coupes were in abundance.

More photos follow the jump.







Ron Fellows Driving School Corvettes lined up, awaiting their next drivers.














Callaway Dealer Summit participant Rich Curran from George Matick Chevrolet in Redford, Michigan, prepares for a training run in a Velocity Yellow Grand Sport.




















A trio of Corvettes follows their trainer along the front straight.














Pete Callaway of Callaway Cars speaks to the dealer group, in front of the layout of the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.





























A screaming 2011 Callaway Corvette Grand Sport Coupe speeds west beneath the towering Nevada mountains.




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  1. Thank you for sharing this information about your driving school. Great that your school is involved in different activities..

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