Bowling Green Assembly Plant Tour

CorvetteBlog is in Bowling Green for the C5/C6 Corvette Birthday Bash.  Since the Bowling Green Assembly Plant is never open on Friday, for those attending the Bash, it was important to enjoy the plant tour today.

There are other rules, too.  No cameras allowed!  No cell phones allowed!  No open-toed shoes allowed!  No small children!  Lots of rules.  Not even speculation on the C7 Corvette is allowed by either employees or volunteers!  However, I do have to say that the gentleman who welcomed us said he loves the Transformers Corvette several times.  A hint?

We were told that current production is eight cars per hour, times ten hours per day, times four days per week, or 320/week.  This is a significant reduction from when the plant hit the record four thousand in one month a few years ago.

The self-led walking tour is limited to the final stages of assembly, which is really more than enough for anyone who doesn't need to see body panels painted.  I've included photos in this blog that I took outside the building, as that was all that was allowed.

Having waited for some time to have this tour, I would say it was well worth the $7.00.  The volunteer staff used to answer questions was very responsive, and had an answer to every question I asked.  On a couple of occasions, an assembly technician was close enough to me to explain what he was doing, which enhanced the value.  When you go, don't be shy!  And that's my rule!

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The only assembly line photo I was able to legally take was this model of what C3 assembly looked like years ago, at the National Corvette Museum.  :)

A few other views, including installation of solar powered charging stations to be used by Chevy Volts and the like:

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