Corvettes Belonging to C5/C6 Birthday Bash Attendees

A quick tour through the parking lot of the newly expanded National Corvette Museum provides insights into many of the variations of Vettes.  Enjoy!

If we are showing your car, please write to tell us a little about your car.  If you are at the 2011 C5/C6 Bash and have a car you think should be on CorvetteBlog, please let me know by leaving a message at 888-875-0728.  Thanks.

Many more photos after the jump.




























































































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2 Responses to Corvettes Belonging to C5/C6 Birthday Bash Attendees

  1. Jim McGruder says:

    It was good to see you again. Thanks for the photo on CORVETTE BLOG. Good luck in your new assignment at Matick.

    The inspiration for the 2007 ORANGE CRUSH’R Corvette was my, and my wife’s, love of Orange Crush soda pop, as kids. We have customized over 100 parts on our Corvette. We enjoy taking our car to car shows and cruise-ins, to share it with everyone.

  2. Bill Connell says:

    Jim – It was nice to see you and your wife at the Bash, too. I was crazy about Orange Crush as a kid, myself. Yummm!

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