Top Down = Hearing Damage? Read On…

Recent studies have shown that driving a convertible car with the top down may cause hearing damage.

Experiments revealed that drivers going 75mph and even 55mph were prone to hearing noise levels higher than the recommended work safety level of 85db. This noise is equivalent to the sounds heard on the dance floor of a nightclub.

“In light of the results, we are recommending that drivers be advised to drive with the top closed when traveling for extended periods at speeds exceeding 52mph,” says Dr. Anthony Mikulec of the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. “Long duration driving at high speeds with the top open will increase the risk of hearing damage.”

What’s even worse? Turning up the radio with the convertible top down…

Now, this isn’t a scare – just a note of precaution. Take care of yourself (and your ears) even if it means riding “uncool” with the convertible top up!

[ DailyMail ]

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